There is no longer a formal Pacific Biosciences sequencing service at Weill Cornell.

Advantages of Sequencing on the Pacific Biosciences RS

The Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing platform is useful for population analysis, full-length cDNA sequencing and a host of other niche utilities. Pacific Biosciences also has the longest read lengths in the industry with over half the reads from some runs approaching 5Kb.

Some of our more common applications using the PacBio RS include:

Hard-to-sequence PCR Amplicon Sequencing
Heterogeneous Amplicon Sequencing
Long-read sequencing used to bridge scaffolds and compensate for Illumina biases

High-Quality Circular Consensus Sequencing (200 - 1000 bp reads)

Single-molecule Circular Sequencing enables sequencing a diverse pool of small to medium size DNA fragments to high accuracy. By generating multiple reads from the same molecule, we can bypass the PacBio's inherent error rate by eliminating errors resulting from single reads. For example, by sequencing a 16S rRNA PCR product (about 600bp) from an environmental population we can generate thousands of full-length, high-quality amplicon sequences.

Long-Read Sequencing (avg. 5-6Kb reads)

One major advantage of the PacBio RSII is the ability to generate the longest sequence reads
of any platform on the market today, which can be used in many ways.

Because the reads are longer than most repetitive elements in genome sequences, PacBio long reads can be used to bridge contigs generated from Illumina-only projects.

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