SMRT Sequencing Service Prices

Library Preparation $350

Each SMRT Cell Run $400

Discounted rates are available to Weill Cornell Medical Researchers

Hybrid Assembly Projects

We work directly with our core facilities here at Weill Cornell Medical College to generate high-quality Illumina reads for our hybrid assembly projects. If you are interested in performing a hybrid assembly, we can also take care of the Illumina sequencing of your samples. We will QC, aliquot your sample, submit it to our core facility and get the data back to use with your PacBio reads. Prices for this service will be based on our standard core prices. If you are interested in generating high-quality de novo assemblies, then this is the service for you!

Additional Info

If given over 15 micrograms of starting material, if for some reason the library prep of your sample fails we will attempt to prepare it once more for free. There are No Guarantees.

View the submission guidelines on our FAQs page.